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Digital Dance Class

Move Dance Academy is is pleased to offer live, interactive online classes and in-studio instruction! 

Enjoying ​dance class is now possible at a dist-dance! This alternative to traditional in-studio lessons is equipped to bring the physical and mental benefits of dance class right to your home during this unprecedented time. Our digital dance classes are live and interactive, allowing our teachers to maintain a high standard of instruction with personalized corrections and encouragement. Our digital dance classes are structured to emphasize keeping students active, connected, and in routine.


Please view our class schedule to see which classes are currently being offered online. If you do not see the class you are interested in listed as available online, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate you.

How to access your dancer's Digital Dance Class:

1. Confirm your dancer's class time/day, Meeting ID, and password.

2. Download the Zoom app and create a free account. 

3. When it's class time, log-in to Zoom. 

4. Enter your dancer's class Meeting ID and password.

5. Enjoy dance from a dist-dance

Move Dance Academy has been cleared to resume in-studio instruction! We are grateful for the opportunity to, once again, have a space for our dancers to move, train, and grow with us within an unparalleled, loving environment. Move Dance Academy has always maintained an elevated level of cleanliness, and in conjunction with our full cooperation with county distancing and sanitation measures, we are centering our operations on creating a safe environment for our dancers to thrive in. 

For more detailed information regarding our reopening plan, as well as our new policies and procedures, please contact us directly. 

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