Show Rehearsal

Stage rehearsal is a vital component for well-prepared dancers and a good show, therefore, rehearsal is MANDATORY for participating dancers. 


  • Routines will rehearse once on stage. If your dancer is late, he or she will unfortunately miss their opportunity to rehearse. Plan to arrive early in case of unexpected delays. 

  • Dancers, teachers, and designated volunteers only will be permitted in the theatre during rehearsal.

  • Space in the theatre lobby is extremely limited! The space will be used for administrative business, dancer check-in and release, and for private changing areas.

  • We highly encourage that only ONE parent attends rehearsal. Parents should plan to wait outside of the theatre for the duration of their dancer's rehearsal session. 

  • Dancers will not be permitted inside of the theatre before their call time. 

  • Rehearsal is an exciting and extremely busy day! Please try to handle all recital matters and questions at the studio before rehearsal.

  • The studio will be closed on rehearsal day. 

  • Please be patient and kind. Our number one priority is to keep our dancers safe and create a great, memorable event for our dancers and studio families. 


  • Allow your dancer to try on their costume far in advance before rehearsal so that nerves can be released, familiarity and comfort can be formed, and excitement can build. 

    • Address any alterations the may be needed. ​

    • Ensure you know how to secure hair accessories. 

  • Review your dancer's call time.

  • Label ​every costume piece with your dancer's first and last name.

  • Have a cover-up for your dancer to be worn during travel and up until he or she enters the theatre. 

  • Plan for your dancer to wear shoes that can easily be taken on and off. Slides are a great option as dancers can wear most dance shoes at the same time. 


  • NO - Dancers do NOT need to be in stage makeup for rehearsal. 

  • YES - Dancers DO need to be in stage hairstyle for rehearsal. 

  • YES - Dancers DO need to be in full costume for rehearsal. 

    • Review stage hair and makeup page for more details. ​



  • Dancers should arrive fully dressed from head to toe and ready to dance. 

  • Parents will check-in their dancer and obtain their parent pick-up wristband to be worn at rehearsal and recital. 

    • Review dismissal page for more information.​

  • Dancers will be prohibited from bringing in any extra belongings into the theatre.

    • NO cell phones, food, drinks, makeup, jackets, shoes, ​etc. 

    • Water will be provided for dancers. 

  • Dancers will enter the theatre and sit with their class until their routine is called on stage. 

  • Dancers will rehearse their routine once on stage. 

  • Dancers will be dismissed immediately after their rehearsal. 

  • Ensure your dancer has all of their costume pieces before leaving the theatre. 


  • Dancers should arrive fully dressed in their first costume with additional costumes packed in the PROVIDED GARMENT BAG. Do not pack costumes in other bags! 

    • Ensure the name card provided with your dancer's costume is secured to the front of the garment bag. ​

    • Ensure all costume pieces (including tights and shoes) are in the appropriate garment bag. Do not pack separate bags for shoes! 

    • The attending parent will hold onto additional costumes until it is time for their dancer to change. 

  • If your dancer has multiple routines, your dancer should immediately change into their next costume after their first routine is dismissed and then return to the inside of the theatre when fully dressed for their next routine. 

    • Private pop-up changing tents will be available for use in the theatre lobby.

    • Please do NOT use restrooms for costume changes.

  • If your dancer has multiple routines ​with different call times, your dancer should immediately change into their next costume after their first routine is dismissed and then WAIT until their next call time to return to the inside of the theatre. 

  • We highly encourage letting your dancer practice changing by herself if she is in multiple routines in the same show. 


  • Ensure you have all of your dancer's costume pieces.

  • Ensure your dancer's name is still visible on all costume pieces.  

  • Ensure shoes and tights are clean and in good shape. 

  • Ensure your dancer's costume does not have any stains. 

  • Steam your dancer's costume to release wrinkles. 

  • Return your dancer's costume to its designated garment bag provided. 

  • Review if your dancer's hairstyle and hair pieces were secure enough to withstand your dancer's movement on stage. 



  1. Christmas, Why Can't I Find You?

  2. Deck The Halls 

  3. Drummer Boy

  4. Frosty The Snowman

  5. Let It Snow

  6. Sleigh Ride

  7. Run Run Rudolph

  8. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

  9. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree


  1. Run Run Rudolph

  2. Holly Jolly Christmas

  3. Let It Snow

  4. Shake Shake Santa

  5. Deck The Halls

  6. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

  7. Go Christmas


  1. March of The Nutcracker

  2. Polies

  3. You're A Mean One

  4. Let It Go

  5. Greedy

  6. Underneath The Tree

  7. Jingle Bell City Girls

  8. Christmas Time

  9. Sleigh Bells

  10. My Little Drum


  1. Jingle Bell Rock

  2. Santa's Helpers

  3. Oh Santa

  4. The Wish I Wish Tonight

  5. Move

  6. Sleigh of Presents

  7. Spend It

  8. Carol of The Bells

  9. Snow 

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